Mobile Legends free gems

How to earn free gems in Mobile Legends

The Game of Mobile Legends

The game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an application created for mobile phones It is a combat videogame with the option of online multiplayer gaming created and shown to the public by Moonton.
It should be noted that this video game was designed for both a phone and a computer (as long as the computer has an iOS or Android emulator). One of the biggest attractions of this game for people is the option it offers of battles in teams of 5 against 5 real people at the same time.

Mobile Legends free gems

Mobile Legends game mode

The gameplay of Mobile Legends is based on an online battle in a combat arena with multiplayer capability, applicable in both the Android and iOS formats of cell phones and computers.

The opposing teams fight to be able to achieve the enemy basement and be able to destroy it while keeping a high defense to maintain control of one way, the three rails, which are known as the top rail, the middle rail, and the lower rail, which are the ones that connect the base.

Each team is made up of a total of 5 players who have control of a specific avatar from their own device in which they are; said avatar is known as “hero”.

The base computer of the game controls some weaker little characters that are cataloged as “minions” are generated in the base team and follow the path of the three lanes until they can reach the base of the opposing team, while they face each other on the way against enemies and turrets.

Their combats are carried out in a fast and dynamic way, which lasts an approximate time of 10 minutes in the midst of exalting fights where the best tactical strategy posed by the team will be the one that achieves the victory.
Also, the skills and movements to perform are very easy to master, which become very ideal for anyone who has the curiosity to approach and enter this world.

Characters of Mobile Legends

In this game there are a number of at least 6 forms of players (tanks, fighters, assassins, wizards, shooters, and support players).
• Tanks: These are characters with a lot of resistance, and they are usually located in the front line of the attack.
• Fighters: These heroes can combine resistance along with strength. They are a great advantage in melee combat.
• Assassins: These heroes have an indescribable force and use it for their sole purpose: kill the enemy line. On the offensive they are very good.
• Wizards: Wizards are the kings in the specialty of sorcery and in being able to upload the statistics of their comrades in full combat.
• Shooters: In general, these heroes have a single function which is to achieve attacks over long distances, so they are usually in the last line of their teams.
• Support players: As the name implies, the function of these heroes is to be able to protect their comrades in battle, and be able to heal them of any wound.

Earn Free Gems for Mobile Legends

In mobile legends there are some things that you only can earn by exchanging your gems, and to earn this gems you must work a lot. But there are some softwares or applications that make your way to earn gems more easy, one example it is Gumsup, this application allows you to do some stuff and they pay you in gems, you can check in their website how to get free gems in mobile legends, and also earn some tips and tricks.